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Former NASA Chiefs looking to build a hotel in space by 2024

The interior decoration will be done by famed designer Phillipe Starck

As of now, space hotels sound too futuristic as the ones going to space are going purely for research and not to relax. But that is why, as a future concept, Axiom Space is looking to make their next idea into a reality.

The company, based on Houston, and co-founded by NASA’s former International Space Station (ISS) manager Michael Suffredini, is making plans to launch the first segment of a new commercial space station in three years, which will also be serving as a hotel. The project has been named “AxStation” and is currently worth at $2 billion. It can be concluded as soon as 2028.

Features of the AxStation

Axiom Space

Axiom Space’s plan is to build a new module for the crew and attach it to the International Space Station by 2024 and then expand it further into two more modules, one with a laboratory/manufacturing facility, and another with a panoramic observatory. Suffredini plans to attach all three to the ISS by 2028, according to Wired. 

After that’s successfully completed, the new AxStation will become the first free-flying internationally available private space station. The outpost can operate as a research base and a destination when space tourism picks off. Axiom has this in mind and is putting in extra efforts to make it look more luxurious than the ISS’s current state.

The décor for the crew module will be done by noted interior designer Philippe Starck. The walls and furnishings will be padded, with color-changing LED lights and panoramic views of the earth can be witnessed from the rooms. The exterior is being done by European aerospace company Thales Alenia Space. Space tourists who will soon be heading off will undergo a 15 week training period.

(Cover: Axiom Space)

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