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Crime Drama Series How To Get Away With Murder Draws The Final Curtain With Season 6!

After a gripping sixth season finale of crime drama series How To Get Away With Murder, it was reported that the show is coming to it’s final end with season 6. However, fans are still hopeful for a seventh season as well.

Crime Drama Series How To Get Away With Murder Is Not Returning For Season 7!

It is heartbreaking for fans as it was officially confirmed back in 2019, that the show is coming to an end with season 6. As the series creators called it a brutal decision, they also added that how their protagonist Annalise always had a clear ending and it is time to give her the well-deserved farewell.

While there is no season 7 happening as of now, we can assume that if it happened the focus would go to Tegan Price who became quite a fan favourite chart tee after her debut from season 4 onwards. However, that is something best left to the imagination at this point. As of now take a look at this social media post that sales us back to give us a little sneak peek into the series finale.

Series Creator Further Confirms The Cancellation.

While the series finale came on as a bit devastating with Frank and Bonnie’s tragic deaths, the finale ended on a gripping note with Annalise’s funeral that went on to become a part subjected to speculation and we discovered that it happened in the future where she died as an old woman.

Serie creator Pete Nowalk talked about how there is a magic in mess and how it is less entertaining to get every detail is examined. It seems like some things are better when unexplained! While the sixth season ended on a bittersweet note, we wonder whether the gripping saga will return anytime sooner or not. For now, we do have six seasons to binge-watch.

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Ranjita Paul
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