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Adeline Gray is ready to be ‘star of the show’ following the postponement of Jordan Burroughs’s and David Taylor’s match

Gray will be facing Tamyra Mensah-Stock in the headline FloWrestling event on Jan 9

The match between world champions Adeline Gray and Tamyra Mensah-Stock just gained a lot more viewers and pressure as their match became the highlight event.

The match between the United States wrestlers were originally meant to be the co-main event next to the match between Jordan Burroughs and David Taylor on the FloWrestling bill. However, the men’s event got postponed to January 13 due to a COVID-19 precaution, and as a result, all eyes will be on the ladies this Saturday at Texas.

Gray, who is a five-time world champion told Olympic Channel that she was looking forward to going out on the mat and being the star of the show.

A fight between champions and partners

Gray and Mensah-Stock faces off

Unlike the men, both women are current world champion. Mensah-Stock won her first ever championship golf in 2019, weighing in at 68kg. What’s more interesting is that the two fighters are long-time training partners, which means, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses clearly.

It’s going to be a size versus speed match, with Gray being off the heavier class, at 76kg. This means that Mensah-Stock will have to step out of her 68kg comfort zone. Gray admitted that she has an advantage for being in the heavier class, but that doesn’t mean her opponent can’t handle her power. Meanwhile Gray needs to understand her opponent’s speed.

Adeline and Tamyra had previously wrestled in 2017, with the former winning. But Tamyra had improved greatly since then and her match results were 60-5 in the three years since then. As per FloWrestling, they have equal chances of winning, since Tamyra can utilise her speed to get out of bad spots while Adeline can utilize her immense strength.

News update: Tamyra has won the match, thereby moving forwards to the next round.

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