Armie Hammer is currently trending on Twitter after screenshots of his alleged Instagram private messages went viral


Twitter users are discussing the authenticity of the messages which showed the actor discussing cannibalism

Hollywood actor Armie Hammer is currently a hot topic in Twitter after screenshots of his DMs were leaked all over social media. The Call Me By Your Name actor has created quite the stir after the alleged Instagram messages had him talking extensively about his sexual fantasies and cannibalism. While the original tweet had since been deleted, quite a large number of people had seen it and thus, the actor began trending big time.

Are these messages fake?


Armie Hammer's alleged DM

Speculations began like always whenever something notorious starts trending, and Twitter users started questioning if they were really sent by the 34-year-old actor or if they were just made up, since the screenshots were all shared by unidentified Twitter handles.

But the reason people didn’t straight up call it a fake is because the actor was trending in 2017 for liking a bunch of tweets about bondage and other wild sexual preferences. But Twitter users have been sharing messages sent from Hammer’s official Instagram account. The messages were pretty explicit and the actor seemed to talk like how a vampire would if he had social media.

Of course there were people taking sides with some saying that the DMs about him being a cannibal are fake while others straight away announced that the actor is indeed “down bad,” a popular term for someone with nasty fetishes. Various memes originated from them as well. But people have been popping up with screenrecordings making it harder to identify if the messages are fake.

Armie himself is not part of Twitter anymore following a “bitter AF” BuzzFeed article being written about him.



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