Here’s why Black Adam is the perfect contender for Zack Snyder’s dark storytelling


The DC character fits Snyder’s brand more than other methods of storytelling

We got to see a teaser of DC’s Black Adam starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at DC Fandome. The movie is currently scheduled to release by the end of 2021. An opinion, one which may face opposition is that the movie fits the darker storytelling that director Zack Snyder has done with Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

DC fans haven’t fully accepted Snyder; there has always been a divide right from the Man of Steel release. Some loved the grounded and serious take on Superman, while others found it depressing and not comic accurate. Snyder however, didn’t pay attention to the criticisms and made Batman V Superman an even darker movie. This caused further rifts among the audience.

A dark character needs a dark movie

Black Adam fits Snyder's storytelling

Black Adam has been an enemy of Shazam, whose power currently lies with Billy Batson. He was ocassionally an anti-hero as well, most recently in the Injustice storyline. Adam was someone who had heroic intentions at the start, and wanted to drive out the dictators who had been oppressing his Egyptian home of Kahndaq, but his thirst for power developed a villainous mentality. In recent storylines, he’s shown as Kahndaq’s guardian, and is seen as a god, but one who uses it for evil.

In short, Black Adam is a tyrant with millennia worth of pent up anger and he is fit to be in a darker story. The 2019 Shazam! movie was quirky and funny, and light-hearted throughout, so Black Adam should be the exact opposite of that. If Billy Batson is hope, then Adam should be fear. With Adam, Snyder can let loose and don’t have to worry if innocent civilians or numerous infrastructure gets destroyed in his fights because that’s just how he operates.

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