Home Alone fans demand disgraced Trump’s cameo to be removed from the classic Christmas movie


Trump had made cameos in a few movies during the ’90s, Home Alone being one of them

Donald Trump, renowned for his movie roles and his embarrassing tenure as the United States president will soon be leaving office.

After losing against Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections, Trump didn’t accept his defeat gracefully, but stooped so low about his claims that the Democrats won by cheating that his loyal followers stormed into Capitol Hill last week and made the whole place look like a teenager’s house party. Trump has fallen out of grace with the rest of the United States, and all social media accounts have banned him.

The latest news is that fans of the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York wants his cameo to be removed from the iconic film. Trump appears as a passerby who points Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) to the hotel lobby.

What fans had to say

Donald Trump in Home Alone 2
20th Century Fox

Home Alone lovers took to Twitter to express their disgust for Trump and to have his cameo removed.

One wrote, “Has anyone thought of editing Home Alone 2 to remove Donald Trump? It sounds like something that’s probably been done and I want to see it.”A second one demanded Trump to be replaced with Danny DeVito. The third, and probably the most savage one wrote, “I can’t believe home alone 2 star Donald Trump was suspended from Twitter. Home alone 2 was the last noteworthy thing he was a part of and nothing significant since.”

Others suggested Trump to be replaced with Christopher Plummer who starred as J Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World after Kevin Spacey’s scenes were cut due to allegations of sexual assault. His charges were dropped in 2017 and he has since maintained his innocence. One fan who wanted Plummer to replace Trump suggested that they digitally edit out Trump and put Plummer in there.

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