In an Unfortunate Turn of Events, Jessica White Reveals about her Tragic Miscarriage with Nick Cannon


Jessica White and Nick Cannon had a really great time together. But it dose not seems like everything is fine between them even if they have parted their ways almost 6 months ago. Jessica is now comfortable about her split from Nick Cannon and therefore she is opening about her experiences now. Apparently, it appears that she is still angry on some issues with Nick.

The 36 years old model recently spoke about her relationship with Nick in an interview with Jason Lee in Fox Souls Hollywood Unlocked. In the interview she discussed about Nick’s ex Brittany. Jessica also revealed about her miscarriage with Nick.

Apparently, two weeks after her miscarriage, Jessica came to know that Brittany is pregnant with Nick’s baby

Nick already has a boy from Brittany whos name is Golden. The couple has named their newly born baby girl Golden. She was born right before Christmas. Jessica in the 8th episode of Hollywood Unlocked said that she feel betrayed by Nick. In fact, Jessica did not got the pregnancy news of Brittany not even from the right sources. Jessica came to know from Instagram that Brittany is pregnant with none another than Nick.

Just like everyone in the World, Jessica got the news from Instagram. So, Jessica has claimed that Nick has cheated on her with his ex lover Brittany. White also said that Brittany knows that Jessica had a miscarriage because Nick told Jessica that he has already told Brittany about it. Moreover, Brittany Knew that too. The most heart breaking act was the act done by Brittany’s fans. They bullied Brittany and also called her homewrecker because of the situation.

Further, Jessica said that she feels betrayed by Nick because he never took her stand. However, she added that she believes Nick is a man of his words and would speak about it one day.

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