Jennifer Lopez to cancel Wedding with Alex Rodriguez Over ‘Cold Feet?’


Hustlers film star Jennifer Lopez and her life partner Alex Rodriguez would have been marrying in Italy last June. Coronavirus constrained the wedding to be uncertainly postponed. Tabloids are presently conjecturing that Lopez experienced some kind of hysteria and that the two may separate.

There is some reality to this story. Lopez as of late did an interview with Andy Cohen where she was inquired as to whether she and Rodriguez could actually get hitched, or stay homegrown accomplices like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been happy together for long but due to some circumstances in recent times, there are going with some issue.

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The tabloid pointed out that Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted without her engagement ring on her finger. This could result in big which could be a sign of stiff between them. An insider said “Jennifer’s heartbroken” after the wedding was called off. The story concludes by saying “it’s pretty very sad, actually.”

The deferral was caused carefully by COVID-19 concerns and may not occur for quite a while if by any stretch of the imagination. The entire experience has made Rodriguez and Lopez reexamine on the off chance that they’ll get hitched, yet these emotions were just investigated after the wedding was at that point dropped. Rodriguez has posted numerous photographs with Lopez since this interview, so unmistakably, they’re actually dedicated to one another regardless of whether they stay unwed.

Since Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged, tabloids have printed tales about the relationship finishing. Gossip Cop has busted accounts of desire finishing the commitment from both In Touch and the Enquirer. We’ve busted the fantasy of the missing wedding band as well, for Lopez essentially doesn’t generally wear her ring. With respect to Life and Style, we busted their story which had personal wedding subtleties since all the subtleties were totally made-up.

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