Jessica White Reveals Shocking Detuos About Her Relationship With Nick Cannon And Her Miscarriage!


Celebrity breakups can be ugly and full of drama! While some go without much buzz around, it seems like fans are about to find out something shocking about the whole Jessica White- Nick Cannon relationship and it is indeed very shocking, to be honest!

Jessica White Made Some Shocking Revelations About Her Then Boyfriend, Nick Cannon!

The supermodel made a rather shocking revelation about his then boyfriends Nick Cannon and how he hid a bitter truth from her. While the two had quite some romance going on, it soon became a love triangle when a mystery woman announced that she is expecting and it is Nick Cannon’s child!

The supermodel has finally broke the long silence and came forward with some shocking news! According to Jessica White, accusing Nick of hiding Brittany Bell’s pregnancy from her. Moreover, Jessica herself was going through a traumatic incident herself and opened up about it.

Jessica White Opened Up About Her Miscarriage And More!

Jessica White claimed that Brittany Bell’s pregnancy announcement came in just a few weeks after Jessica herself had a miscarriage! Not only that to add on to the whole issue, but Jessica also says that Brittany was well aware of the miscarriage not only that but Jessica had to face some severe consequences that made the situation all the more complicated than ever!

Jessica White was also subjected to bullying by some of Brittany’s fans who all claimed that Jessica is a homewrecker! However, despite the whole mess, Jessica White thinks that she and Nick had something good going on for a while before it all ended as they bother understood each other’s craziness! However, the relationship came to its ultimate end after Nick did not publicly defend Jessica admits all the allegations and name-calling which might have created problems in paradise.

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