Magic Mike Live review – Channing Tatum’s sex positive strip show enjoys major success in Sydney

Each show is nearly 90 minutes long and is a self-aware commentary on female desire

The Magic Mike Live show opens with a rally of men dressed as cops, cowboys, firemen among others. As they start gyrating and thrusting, an MC announces that the audience has purchased “an all evening ticket to the biggest beef party in town”, “We got ourselves a mandemic,”among other such jokes.

At first glance, it looks like a regular strip show with men wearing the outfits that women consider sexy, but five minutes later, the script changes. The MC is now a middle-aged woman who ridicules all the costumes on display and rattles off about the things she wants to see: a slightly dirty musician, a bad boy who actually does not leave you on read, that barista around the corner. As she says, “Why can’t we just have a really hot guy in jeans and a T-shirt?”

What the show embodies

The Magic Mike Live show
Credit: Trevor Leighton

There’s a brief voiceover from Channing Tatum, whose 2012 film Magic Mike inspired the show. Tatum speaks about the type of show he wanted to create; one that helped women to say what they really want from the men in their lives. Tatum co-created the show with Alison Faulk.

The show involves celebrations of cunnilingus, allusions to masturbation and seduction scenes without having to take off clothes, and man going up to a lady in the audience that she is “so much more than just beautiful.”  The show’s true message is to embody the idea that “you are enough” and that women can get anything they want if they just ask for it.

The show actually let women touch the performers, but due to the pandemic, that part had to be removed. But that hasn’t made the show dull in the slightest and the show leaves the women feeling empowered.

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