Oscars: Zendaya and John David Washington as top contenders as they star in Sam Levinson’s ‘Malcolm & Marie’


Good things take time and it comes to those who wait. 2020 was a year full of pandemic and 2021 everyone expects it to be fruitful than before. What better start one could imagine with a movie starring Zendaya and John David Washington.

A movie that was well prepared and shot during COVID-19 could be a bet in this flurry of the atmosphere. Yet presenting it with the talented individual abilities of John David Washington and Zendaya, and you could have a triumphant formula for progress, perhaps at the Academy Awards. “Malcolm and Marie” is an actor’s feature, using the most choice impulses and sensibilities of its entertainers, the two of which could discover space to crush into the lead acting races.

In the film, Washington and Zendaya are a couple living respectively someplace close to Hollywood. He plays a promising youthful chief and she plays an entertainer actually sitting tight for her break. Their relationship is tried after they get back from the world debut of a movie that he coordinated, which could represent the moment of truth his profession and start pressing each other’s catches while trusting that the surveys will come in. Everything begins since he neglected to remember her for his thank-you, all in all, he didn’t specify her in front of a movie that, it ends up, was enlivened by her past battles.


Washington and Zendaya are not a genuine couple and are not playing characters intended to be more established than their real ages. Be that as it may, their exhibitions are just as solid as those in the 1966 film, thanks in no little part to a brilliant and amusing, if somewhat overlong, script done by Levinson.

It is well written and also directed by Sam Levinson. The film revolves around the story of Malcolm, a director, and his girlfriend Marie.

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