Overlord Season 4: With the Series so Popular, why hasn’t the Studio made an Announcement yet? Find Out the Reason


Here is the best way to know if we will be getting another season

Overlord is centered around a regular salaryman who gets stuck inside a game called Yggdrasil as an overpowered mage with a strong army at his side. The anime has one of the biggest fanbases and every season has been greatly welcomed. With season 1 airing in 2015 and seasons 2 and 3 airing in 2018, fans have been waiting for more than 2 years for an announcement regarding the next season, but so far, studio Madhouse has not spoken of the matter.

Without the next season, we won’t know if Ainz will establish himself as the overlord of Yggdrasil’s whole world or if someone stronger than him comes to stop him. Now here’s a method that usually works when it comes to figuring out an anime’s continuity.

Popularity, sales and source material

Overlord anime series

For Overlord, the source material is the light novel. Currently, there are 14 volumes of the light novel available in Japan. A manga adaptation is also there, with 13 volumes published so far. The light novels are still ongoing, with the author Kugane Maruyama publishing the latest chapter on March 12, 2020. The author plans to end the story with book 17.

The anime has adapted 3 volumes in each season. That means volumes 1-9 have already been adapted by Madhouse. If we get a fourth season, it will start from volume 10.

When it comes to sales and profit, there are already three seasons so we know that the anime makes money. The problem usually is that each sequel makes lesser and lesser. If you check the sales of seasons 2 and 3, you can notice a drop. Blu-Ray sales have also been dropping, and since streaming became popular worldwide, it’s going to drop further. But the light novel is selling more than 200,000 copies per volume, so that’s one way to earn revenue. There’s also a game called Mass For The Dead which is doing well.

One can still hope that depending on these sales, we get another season.


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