Tom Holland Shocks Fans With His Drastic Weight Loss For A Role As A Spiralling Drug Addict!


While actors have gone to great heights to bring out the best in their character, a young star is recently grabbing eyeballs for his shocking transformation for his next big movie and it is all about the amount of dedication this Marvel star is putting in!

Tom Holland Puts In Immense Dedication And Sheds A Scary Amount Of Weight For His Movie, Cherry!

Tom Holland is making headlines after he has lost a scary amount of weight for his role as a troublesome drug addict in his next movie, Cherry. Russo Brothers who have earlier worked with the actor has recently opened up about Tom Holland’s scary transformation to get into the role.

The directors have further revealed how the two young actors have shredded themselves physically and emotionally for their respective role and also mentioned how Holland has lost almost a quarter of his body weight to fit into the role of a drug addict who ultimately gets into a bank robbery to pay for drugs.

The Russo Brothers Are In Awe Of The Young Marvel Star!

The directors are all in awe with the actor and talked about how difficult it is to starve yourself and then shoot these extremely emotional scenes. The Russo Brothers appreciated the actors and how they laid themselves bare for the role. Fans are going to see Tom Holland in a whole new avatar as a drug addict who struggles with various complications.

Tom Holland’s character falls in love with a young girl played by Ciara Bravo. Both the actors have impressed the directors with their meticulous acting and dedication for the upcoming movie. Several actors have gone on record to about the challenges they had faced in the past when they had to shed weight for their roles.

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