Valorant unveils their latest agent Yoru in the announcement video of Episode 2, Act 1


Check out Yoru’s ability kit below

Riot Games has just announced their newest Valorant Agent, Yoru, and has also shared the game’s immediate future in Episode 2, Act 1. For those who are not familiar with the game, Valorant is described as a mix between Counter Strike and Overwatch since it embodies the former’s precise shooting and tight gameplay with the latter’s flashy characters and unique skills.

Despite being made by Riot Games, Valorant has been experiencing a slow decline since its release. The problem was not necessarily the quality but the professional scene was affected because of global travel restrictions. Valorant will be dead soon was a speculation but even though that doesn’t seem to be happening, the game should put out better content so that more players start coming.

Yoru’s skills

Yoru, the Infiltrating Duelist
Riot Games

Yoru has been described as an Infiltrating Duelist, with an arsenal of tools that are meant to fool enemies while positioning himself to deal more effective attacks. Product lead John Goscicki describes him as the “rebel bad boy archetype, the kinda guy you love to hate,” and it’s interesting to see what he brings to the multiplayer matches.

Yoru’s skillset involves an echo that mimics footsteps, a teleportation tether, a flash, and the ability to teleport into his own dimension, thereby making him invisible and cannot be attacked or detected by enemies. In short, it’s an impressive set of skills and would be bringing big changes as Valorant eSports heads to 2021. But despite the cool skillset, it’s still going to be difficult for the newbies to master. Those who have been playing the game religiously will find him rewarding and will be making time to master him. Expect the next season to be full of flashy, high octane matches with Valorant‘s newest member Yoru!

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