You Will Be Shocked To Know To That Greta Gerwig Had A Big Crush On This Oscar-Winning Actor!


We all had our fair share of celebrity crushes! Recently one of the celebrities he confessed her crush and it seems like many can relate as this crush is quite the heartthrob from Hollywood!

Greta Gerwig Open Up About One Of Her Major Crushes!

Greta Gerwig recently rose to fame with the success of films like Lady Bird and Little Women that was highly appreciated and went on to become critically acclaimed movies! The young director who is making oathbreaking movies opened up about her crush and turns out, she had one major crush on out very own Leonardo DiCaprio!

The director has gone on record and confessed that she harboured a big crush on the Titanic star! Who can blame her! The Oscar-winning actor is still one of the biggest heartthrobs and the director went on to say that how she actually had a folder full of his pictures and used to kiss them goodnight before she went to bed!

The Star Had A Folder Full Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Pictures!

Leonardo DiCaprio soon rose to fame with his blockbuster movie Titanic, within no time the actor became a sensation amount teenage girls and Greta Gerwig is ok if those girls who were emitted by the actor’s charm and meticulous action and his good looks!

The director remembered her teenage days and how she printed out not one but several pictures of the actor and her brother yelled at her as they finished all the ink! However, it was all worth it given that she finally made a folder full of the Titanic star’s pictures. We cannot really blame the star as we all had a major crush on the actor and we all were a smitten by him at one point or the other!

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