Amazon Prime Might Have Something Different Planned For The Fantasy Drama Series Carnival Row Season 2!


Amazon fantasy drama series Carnival Row garnered huge popularity amongst subscribers while keeping the overwhelming response in mind, the streaming service was quick enough and did not waste any time and renewed the show for season 2!

When Can Fans Expect Carnival Row Season 2 On Amazon Prime Amidst Production Delay?

While filming did kick-start following the renewal announcement, sadly enough it had to be halted after the unfortunate havoc of the pandemic that led to a worldwide lockdown. While fans are worries about an inevitable delay in the release of the second season, series star Cara Delevingne cheered fans up and gave some updates on the upcoming season.

The lead co-star revealed there has been some updated as she had already finished filming for six out of eight episodes, and further teased the fact that the second season is going to be so good and it is going to be worth the wait. Although, the actress was still unsure of when production is going to resume again. So, from here it looks like there is going to be some waiting to do for fans until we have an official release date from the streaming giant.

Series Star Orlando Bloom Makes Some Interesting Revelation Regarding Carnival Row Season 2!

Series lead actor Orlando Bloom might have something up his sleeves as he revealed some good news for fans some good news as he went on to spill that the streaming service is planning to on releasing the first five episodes of Carnival Row season 2 and not keeping fans waiting any longer. Once all the finished episodes are aired, the streaming platform will be adding an extra episode once they go to finish the rest of the shoot.

The shooting was reportedly resumed admits pandemic but again had to be halted down when they were just two weeks away from wrapping up the season 2 filming. Carnival Row season 2 filming was going on in The Czech Republic for the second season.

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