Jaden Smith: The 21 years old actor and rapper’s sexuality is always been a topic of parley. Read below to know more about his journey of coming out as a gay


The Karate Kid child actor Jaden Smith is always been a hot topic when it comes to topics like sexuality. Jaden is the son of famous actor Will Smith. Will has always been a great actor. With his sense of humor, Will has made us laugh to the point where our stomach literally starts aching. Jaden’s mother Jada Pinkett is also a famous Hollywood celebrity.

Both Jada and Will took sometime and stability to realize that there son, Jaden is not straight. 2020 was one of the most sensational year for Jaden. He opened about his sexuality and romantic relationships.

Jaden made his Netflix debut through “The Get Down” dreams series

The series was hyped when Jaden was also spotted lip locking with another guy. However, for now Jada and Will has not given any statement regarding their son’s sexuality. In previous interviews, Jaden has tried expressing the hate and criticism he has received for his sexuality. Even though, same sex marriages are allowed in America, the people there reacts strange whenever a celebrity come out as a gay or lesbian.

In fact, he has already accepted that Taylor is his boyfriend

However, it is still not officially confirmed that Jaden is a gay or not. Although, the rumors have played a big part in it. In December, Jaden took Twitter to congratulate his boyfriend Taylor the Creator for his greatest rap album.

There has been multiple moments where Jaden has shown his love for the American rapper. Although, it seems like Taylor always wanted or still wants to keep it a secret.

The 21 year old singer and actor met Taylor when he started his musical career. Jaden has already unleashed his sexual identity in front of the world. People all around the world are giving mix reactions towards Jaden’s bravery.

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