Keith Lee Shocked Fans With Doing Something Unexpected In WWE Raw !


WWE fans are in for a shocking turn of events that recently took place in the WWE Raw and well, we wonder whether ended up getting hurt or not. There has however been some serious damage!

Keith Lee Did Some Serious Damage And Some Breaking!

It seems like it doesn’t take much for Keith Lee to prove that he indeed is one of the strongest WWE fighters, things might have gone a bit overboard when he teamed with Sheamus to take on The Miz and John Morrison. However, things did not exactly go as planned and the fight escalated to something serious. Here’s what the social media page of WWE had to say about the incident!

Things went haywire just before the commercial break when Keith Lee casually tossed Morrison out of one corner, while completely crashing into him with a shoulder tackle in the opposite corner. As for Morrison, the aftermath from the tackling led to the top turnbuckle to snap off the ring!

The Fight Escalated To A Whole New Level With The Ring Breaking!

While fans saw that after the commercial break, crew members were hard at work to repair the ring, both Lee and Sheamus had a pretty good laugh about it and fans got to witness something that doesn’t really happen daily!  Don’t miss out on the latest matches to see the whole ring breaking saga and more! For now see this hilarious post by the WWE social media account, recently uploaded for entertainment.

Fans all went into a frenzy and social media was all blown up with posts of the incident! While such accidents are not really something that WWE fans are not accustomed to but it surely was a shocking one even for WWE fanatics.

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