Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Is Making Us Wait A Bit Longer Than Usual! Do We Have Any New Update?


With several new backs to back animes making its way into various streaming platforms, anime fanatics are surely going to spoil with choices while choosing from so very varied range of collection to look from. However, some anime series are yet to release the next awaited season.

When Is Mob Psycho Season 3 Going To Arrive?

Anime antics are eagerly waiting for the third instalment of the popular anime series Mob Psycho. While the second season aired back in 2019, it seems like there is no buzz around about the third season of the anime series. With the studio giant not making any official announcement about the third season as of yet, we wonder what’s next for the Mob Psycho series.

If the third season at all happens, it might focus on Shigeo Kageyama who possess extreme spiritual abilities however lives in constant fear that he might lose these powers. While not much has been revealed about Shigeo Kageyama yet, fans are also going to see intense action scenes alongside monster Hyakki.

No New Announcement Has Been Done Regarding The Third Season Of Mob Psycho.

With no third season, renewal details arrived yet, we are not sure whether Mob Psycho season 3 will arrive this year or the wait is going to be a prolonged one. Given the fact that it takes a huge amount of time to make an anime season, we might assume to get some details this year itself.

For now, anime lovers can binge-watch the two back to back seasons of Mob Psycho until there’s any further development regarding the third season that is making fans wait longer than ever.Fans are waiting for the last two years for a new season, and the wait might get a bit longer than anyone expected.

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