Robert Pattinson Has A Huge Overwhelming Pressure To Portray One Of The Most Iconic Superhero Figures Of All Times!


While fans are eagerly waiting for Matt Reeves’ next masterpiece DC movie The Batman, it seems like a lot is at stakes for the cast and crew as they need to live up to the expectation while portraying one of the biggest pop culture figures of all items!

Are Fans In For A Surprise With Matt Reeves’ The Batman Movie?

After on-off production halt that led to some unwanted delays in filming, the cast and crew are back at the sets. With Warner Bros. already releasing a brand new teaser that gave us a glimpse of this new world of the Dark Knight played by Tenet star Robert Pattinson, we are sure that something different awaits.

However, there’s huge pressure on the leading star given how many actors have portrayed the role of the Dark Knight earlier in screens, this superhero figure has been used and overused over all these years that fans are looking forward to witnessing something entirely new that has never been shown on the screens.

The Movie Is Expected To Bring Over A Different Angle To The Popular Pop Culture Figure.

With Zoe Kravitz on board as the fierce Catwoman, and Colin Farrell looking almost unrecognizable as the Penguin, it seems like we have an unconventional team to bring back a story that the director himself has assured is something different than anything fans have seen earlier. The director fourth reveals that we are going to see The Dark Knight in a detective mode as well.

However, with the UK government calling for a lockdown once again given the pandemic terror increasing at an alarming rate, we wonder whether production will be halted yet again, rumours are doing the rounds that lead stars are rather exhausted with the back and forth halting as it is making them work in grave uncertainty.

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