Fans: Keyshia Coleare and Ashanti ‘Verzuz’ not happening?? Delay or not delay!!


Keyshia Coleare and Ashanti ‘Verzuz’ wait is over or not??

Music fans all over the world always stay excited to witness some good music battle. ‘Verzuz’ has established itself as the epitome of it. Many famous musicians already have participated and entertained audiences all over the world by such battles.

Before the start of the New Year, numerous fans were quite excited to see R&B sisters, Ashanti and Keyshia Song go for a head to head battle at the very own verzuz ring.

Impact of Covid-19 on Verzuz

After long stretches of expectation, the battle was dropped because of Ashanti testing positive for COVID-19. All Fans were quite a disappointment after getting the information that the Verzuz battle couldn’t go further.


Even after the announcement both the stars assured that their fight would worth to wait for.

Social media immediately reacted to the news with a critical evaluation, totally over the run-around they continue to get from the network and the R&B crooners.

In early December, it was first confirmed that Ashanti and Keyshia Cole would be going for a Verzuz battle. All fans were excited and at the same point very happy that two of the biggest R&B stars of the 21st century would be going head to head for a battle.

Verzuz: Fans disappointed!!


In another declaration from the Verzuz TV Instagram early Friday morning, the Apple TV show recognized the strained week it has been in America and subsequently revealed that in an effort to take greater COVID-19 precautions, they would return to recording at separate areas. “We’ve amped up for the following not many occasions, and anticipate returning to the show in the coming weeks,” they wrote, before writing that the Ashanti v. Keyshia Cole battle would be “coming soon.”

Hope still left.. Verzuz

Till then fans can only sit back and just wait for the perfect moment when the two great stars would go face to face against each other.

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