American Pop Revolutionary ‘Phil Spector’ Serving Jail Sentence for Murder Dies at 81


The Man Behind Wall of Sound Passed Away at 81

Harvey Phil Spector was known for revolutionising music in the 1960s with ‘Wall of Sound’ and closely working with Beatles, the Righteous Brothers, and many renowned musicians. His music techniques were replicated by the likes of Beach Boys. He was the reason behind some of the biggest pop music in the country till he was convicted in the 2003 murder case of the actress Lana Clarkson for 19 years.

Is it a natural death?

As per the media reports, the music producer who was serving the jail term for murder was diagnosed with COVID-19 4 weeks ago and that could be one of the reasons behind his death at the age of 81. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation only confirmed that he had died of “natural causes at 6.35pm on Saturday 16 January 2021, at an outside hospital”. Adding further, it said that his official cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner in the San Joaquin county sheriff’s office. Spector was transferred from jail to hospital after being diagnosed with the virus, as per TMZ, where he breath his last.

Phil Spector
Credit: Reuters

Convicted in Murder

Spector was convicted in 2009 for the murder of Lara Clarkson who was found dead with a bullet wound in her head at in the foyer of his castle-like mansion on the edge of Los Angeles. After the initial mistrial, it was proven that Spector shot the actress on head for allegedly refuting his advances, after four other women in the trial claimed that he had threatened him with the gun, too, for spurning his advances. He was charged with second degree murder and given a 19 years of prison sentence.

Lara Clarkson
Credit: Wire Image

Spector was born to Russian-Jewish parents in New York and started his career in music as a performer in his teens and went on to earned accolades for his production technique till he retired in 1990s-2000s.

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