Donald Trump: The USA Vice President Mike Pence slag to supplicate 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump


Since the day Joe Biden is elected as president of USA, Donald Trump is denying the fact. In fact, Joe is also given the chit for fair elections. But it seems like, Trump is in no mood to transform the power to new president elect.

December and January has been really tough for America. Just few days ago Trump took Twitter to talk to his supporters which created massive chaos in United States of America’s Capitol. Therefore, Twitter banned him permanently on from Twitter. Here to Trump answered Twitter that he will bring his own social media. THE WORLD IS LITREALLY ASKING TRUMP TO ACT LIKE A BIG BOY.

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For now, the latest news is that Trump is the only President of USA who will be impeached twice in his tenure

Although, the Vice President of USA, Mike Pence has clearly refused to invoke the 25th Amendment of the American constitution.  He then spoke in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that this is not a great decision for the nation. However, there will be now constitutional voting to urge Pence to remove Trump as president. Many advisors says that Pence is not invoking the 25th Amendment because he don’t want to take any responsibility of future wrongs which can take place in remaining days of Trump’s tenure.

However, at least four Republicans which also includes a member of House leadership said that they are ready to vote for Trump’s second impeachment.

Donald Trump
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What is 25th Amendment of America’s constitution?

For the first time it was approved by Congress in 1965. Then the Amendment was certified by Lyndon Johnson on 23rd of February, 1967. According to the Amendment, the Vice President can remove the President if he becomes unable to do his job. Further, after removing the President, the Vice President becomes the new President of the country.

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