Olympic Gold Medallist, Klete Keller, Among the Angry Mob that Caused Riots in the U.S Capitol Building


The U.S Capitol building was stormed recently by an angry mob incited by President Donald Trump that caused much destruction and loss of 5 lives. The violent riot was condemned by everyone globally, however, what was even more shocking and ghastly that it was instigated by none other than the President of the United States of America as he refuses to step down from presidency and accept his defeat to the new elected President Joe Biden.

US Capitol Violence
Credit: Reuters

The Riots in USA that Shook everyone

The angry violent mob that stormed the Capitol building had a few known figures who were engaged in a tussle with the Police as it was trying to ward off the mob. One such figure recognized by the people was Olympic gold medallist Klete Keller. Keller is a champion Swimmer who got two Olympic gold medals for the USA as a relay teammate of Michael Phelps. He was recognized in the crowd by his former coaches and teammates as he was trying to towering over the crowd involved in scuffle with the Police to get past through them.

A video shared by a reporter from a conservative outlet, Townhall, enabled people to identify the swimmer. The former teammates and coaches of Keller said they recognized Keller in the video because of his size and the fact that he was wearing a U.S. Olympic team jacket that had “USA” printed across the back and down the sleeves.

Identity Confirmed and Reported

Swimswam, a swimming website was the first to report the presence of Keller among the mob in the Capitol building and since then the video is being circulating everywhere from last week leading to more people identifying the swimmer.

Klete Keller
Credit: Julio Ross

The Colorado real estate firm that had Keller working for them from the past three years, Hoff & Leigh, announced that Keller had resigned “effective immediately,” on Tuesday. In a brief statement shared by the firm, it stated, “Hoff & Leigh supports the right of free speech and lawful protest but we cannot condone actions that violate the rule of law.”

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