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Wunmi Mosaku, Aya Cash and Noma Dumezweni Shares their Exhilarating Journey of Portraying the Role of “Anti-Heroines”

Wunmi Mosaku as Ruby in “Lovecraft Country”

Wumni herself was not prepared for the role and was not so sure about it. She accepted that transformation she went through were very uncertain while playing the role of the blunt, straight-talking Ruby.  The character of “Lovecraft Country” which Wumni played is very ambitious and is very frustrated by the limitations in the society. Wumni also said that as a black woman she was never so confident until she met Ruby, a very talented and strong character of HBO’s “Lovecraft Country”.

Aya Cash as Stormfront in “The Boys”

Cash has very different perspective for her character in “The Boys”. She said that she don’t agree with her character that much. That is why it was kind of difficult to play the role. She says that is what make you a perfect human if you can portray a character you totally do not agree with. Cash further added that the character uses her ability to manipulate people with their own fear. Sad but true that this is what actually happens in today’s culture, said Cash. Cash also said that exploring Stormfornt’s idea of hate was very exciting journey.

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Noma Dumezweni as Haley Fitzgerald from “The Doing”

According to Noma, her character in “The Undoing” was very intense. She had to explore a lot  about the character to live her life naturally on “on-screen”. Sometimes, the character felt very intense. She further added that Haley is really very good at her job. She also meant that her character Haley is one of the strongest pillar in the series. In the series, she is paid a lot of money for her work so you really cannot underestimate the power of the character. Noma said that she learned form Haley that you don’t need a validation from anybody else when you are good at your job.

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