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Actions Same as Transformers, ‘Outside the Wire’ on Netflix is a Must Watch for the Fans of Director Mikael Hafstrom

For those who do not know who is Anthony Mackie, you must have definitely watched him with Captain America. For MCU his character Falcon is now Captain America’s shield holder. For sure none could have played the role of Falcon better than Anthony Mackie.

Mackie is again back with an amazing movie which is also a Netflix starrer. In fact, there is no meaning of giving reviews for Netflix, but this movie is special because it casts Mackie.

You are free to read the blog below because it contains zero spoilers.

Director Mikael Hafstrom has delivered a movie with same actions like “Transformers” and “Ex Machina”

Mikael’s “Outside the Wire” is quite similar to that of “Transformers” and “Ex Machina”. However, this time the movie casts a Black actor. The film revolves around robotic revolution. As the movie moves forward to the right, you will realize that each and every character is repeating same information. The characters try to explain the war which take place in the year 2036. They try to explain the outbreak of war with the assistance of robotic soldiers. These soldiers are called Gumps in the movie.  Moreover, these robots actually serve as peace makers against Viktor Koval who is a criminal.

A shot from the movie "Outside the Wire"

Performance by the team of “Outside the Wire”

Well, Michael Bonvillain has done a great work as a cinematographer in the movie. He has covered ultimate scenes with shaky camera style which genuinely deserves appreciation. However, while shooting battle scenes some visuals were not clear due to grainy shoot. It is vert unclear that where are soldiers shooting. The troop is just shooting at random places. Mackies’s and other cast of the movie has done outstanding work. Summing up the whole movie in few words, it is a movie portraying future but lacks the key points of present.

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Tanya Bhatnagar
Tanya Bhatnagar
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