Anime Series Konosuba Season 3 Might Seem A Bit Uncertain At This Point!


While anime fans are all in for the back to back releases on various platforms, some anime series is going a take a bit longer time for their next upcoming season, one being the hit anime series Konosuba.

Fans Are Eagerly Waiting As Konosuba Season 3 Is Yet To Arrive!

The comedy anime series gained huge attention from anime lovers for their varied range of characters, fun plotline and more. However, after two back to back seasons of Konosuba, there hasn’t been much buzz around about the third season till now. It has been quite a while since fans have heard anything about Konosuba returning with a third season.


The studio giant has not yet greenlit Konosuba for a third season, the chances of the anime series coming for the third season is looking slim enough with no official renewal news till now which is making fans all the more worried.

The Third Season Will Have New Material To Take Up From The Remaining Volumes!

Konosuba is based on a light novel and there’s still a considerable amount of material left for the show to take on, moreover, the first two seasons have taken a part of these volumes leaving a chunk of volume to be adapted even further. While a large part of the volumes are left to be taken up by the third season, if renewed.


However while many anime series do not end up getting a third season renewal given how financially expensive each season is, while the second season saw a few drop-in views we wonder whether there’s going to be a third season for Konosuba fans! However, for now fans can binge watch the two back to back seasons of Konosuba while a third season might soon make its way for anime fanatics.

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