Big Mouth Season 5: The Next Season is Already on the Works and Should Arrive Soon


Hope you have binged till season 4 in the meantime

We got to see Big Mouth season 4 towards the end of the year, but if you are already a fan, you probably would’ve binged through all ten episodes, filled with Hormone Monsters and puberty jokes in a flash. So how soon will you need to wait until the next season arrives?

Here’s everything we know (or rather, what we think we know) about season 5 of Big Mouth. 

Release date

Big Mouth

If you’ve been noticing the pattern at which each season releases, you would’ve seen that there’s a gap of one year. Season 1 came on September 29, 2017, season 2 came on October 5, 2018, and season 3 arrived on October 4, 2019. Season 4 came on December 4, 2020, but that delay was due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Judging by that, the best bet is to not expect season 5 for another 13 months. But some say that the show is back on track, and during a table read in March 2020, showrunner Nick Kroll stated that the team was already hard at work on season 5. Additionally, an article by The New York Times confirmed that the team had begun working on the fifth season before the pandemic started.

Possible plot

Each season of the show tackled different emotions. Season 2 had shame, and season 4 introduced the Anxiety mosquito and Gratitoad. The Times has provided a tiny clue by showing conversations related to how trauma affects people differently, or how do you know if your father loves you, to something entirely crazy called Big Nipple Energy.

Trauma seems like an apt theme for season 5, but we still need to see if it’s part of the major story of just for one episode.

Big Mouth
Credit: Netflix

The cast

We can expect the regular cast, including Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Jordan Peele, Andrew Ronnels, Richard Kind, and many others.

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