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Is Anime Series Interviews With Monster Girls Going To Return For A Second Season?

While studio giants are developing some new back to back anime series and manga-based stories are making their much-awaited comebacks, fans are worried about some particular shows that are taking more time than usual for their new season.

Is Anime Series Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2 Happening Anytime Soon?

Anime series Interviews With Monster Girls went on to gather a somewhat positive reception from anime lovers and the first season aired way back in 2017 with as many as twelve episodes in total. However, after three years there has been no big update about a second season.

Monster Girls

The story of the anime series revolves around a teacher named Tetsuo Takahashi who harbours a secret fascination for Ajin. These Ajins are demise who goes by a mythical believe as they are half-human and half-demon. Things are set in motion when he gets to interview three of his Ajin students and his perspective somewhat changes.

Director Ryo Ando Got Many Requests For Interviews With Monster Girls Season 2!

After the success of the first season, director Ryo Ando revealed that many anime fanatics have been asking about a possible second season. However, even after three whole years, we are waiting for a second season which is nowhere to be seen, which makes a second season quite uncertain for fans!

Monster Girls

While the first season followed around several interesting characters while the finale ended with some unexpected twists and turns. However, with no announcement of a second season yet, it can be assumed that a second season of Interviews With Monster Girls might not come before 2022, if at all announced. Till then you can watch the unconventional story of a few Ajin students and their teacher as they get engaged in an interesting thread with a new twist on the way.

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Ranjita Paul
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