Kelly Flanagan And Peter Weber Has Parted Ways And A New Name Has Come Up Who Might Have Played A Part In The Split!


It seems like the new year came along with another news of heartbreak as another couple has end things for good and while fans are surprised with this sudden split.

What Went Wrong Between Kelly Flanagan And Peter Weber?

The new year came bearing bad news as the romantic bliss is over for Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan! The two have parted ways. The Bachelor alum has started an official social media post addressing the split. The pilot starts off with a line that says how love is a funny thing and while it had run its course they have decided to go their separate ways.

Well, while this break up was a drama-free one with the former pair having no hard feelings for one another, a new revelation has come up that claims that Peter’s mother Barbara might have played a part in this break-up. According to this source, Barbara wanted to be Peter’s central focus and was quite involved in this relationship. Here’s what Peter Weber wrote about the breakup as he confirmed the break up on social media.

Peter weber and Kelly Flanagan

Some Sources Claim Peter’s Mother Barbara’s Involvement In The Split!

While the two have broken up, Peter Weber also took this opportunity to convey his love and respect for Kelley despite the split. He goes on to say that how he learned a lot from Kelley and wishes all the happiness to his former girlfriend. However, it seems like some things are just not meant to be!

The relationship was a short-lived one and soon met its sad end, however, some sources still claim that Barbara might have played a rather big role in this split and some things were expected from Peter’s side in the relationship that eventually did not pan out!

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