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Lara Jean And Peter Kavinsky Are Coming Back For One Last Time In To All The Boys: Always And Forever! P.S: It Might Be Too Mushy For You!

It seems like Netflix knows the perfect way for their subscribers to spend Valentine’s Day as one of the most popular couples if going to be back for the final chapter!

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Is Going To Be Back For One Last Showdown!

The streaming platform is all set to bring home the popular To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before franchising for the third and final movie as lovebirds Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky is going to be back with romance, prom and some mushy moments in between!

The streaming service has already revealed the release date which is 12th February. Fans are excited to see To All the Boys: Always and Forever as it gets to the final chapter and our favourite couple are going to be back for one last time! Here’s the official trailer of the final movie in the franchise that arrives this February just before Valentine’s Day!

Peter And Lara Are Struggling With Some Hard-Hitting Facts!

As the students prepare themselves for the next big chapter of their lives that is college, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky struggle with tthe whole long-distance thing. However, along with that looming questions around, Netflix has released a trailer where Peter asks Lara for Prom!

As the trailer suggests, Lara Jean and his sisters spend the holidays in Korea along with their father and his girlfriend. While Lara and Peter struggle with some hard-hitting facts and not wanting to deal.with the whole long-distance thing! The trailer ends with a huge cliffhanger that hints that Lara and Peter might not get into the same college after all! Whole lot of thrill awaits as Lara’s sister admits that there’s too much drama! Did Lara get through her dream college or not?

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