Marks & Spencer Stores in France are Left Empty Following the Brexit Border Hold-ups


The delays have been affecting both large and small businesses greatly

M&S stores in France have started running out of food as the giant supermarket chain becomes the latest victim of the Brexit border hold-ups.

Images have been showing up on twitter so that the rest of the world can see the state of these stores. The shelves of the Paris and Lille outlets are left completely empty with no clear notice on when they will get resupplied. A spokesperson for the store confirmed that the problems were indeed being caused as a result of ‘Brexit teething problems’ which has been affecting numerous supply chains.

Out for nearly 3 weeks

An M&S store in France

A sign outside the stores reads: ‘Due to new rules on importing products between UK And EU we are sorry that some products are currently unavailable. We will do our best to get them back quickly.’

This problem has been affecting large and small businesses alike, and a caption shared on Twitter stated that it’s been nearly 3 weeks since food items arrived at M&S stores in Paris.

Marks & Spencer on Avenue Ledru-Rollin, in Paris

An M&S spokesperson told MailOnline that since they’re transitioning into the new processes, it is taking a little longer for some of their products to reach stores, but they are continuing to work with their partners, suppliers and other relevant government agencies and local authorities to improve this situation quickly.

Prolonged Paperwork

Even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson secured a post-Brexit deal with the EU, goods that have been entering and leaving the UK keep getting caught up at the border as extra paperwork and new checks slow the entire process down to a crawl.

This is much more serious in the fresh food industry as these products have a shorter shelf life. British fishermen in particular, have been suffering greatly due to this as they can no longer export to Europe.

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