Overlord Season 4 Is Making Fans Wait A Bit Longer While The Possibilities Of Another Season Looks Slim Enough!


While some brand new animes have made their way into various streaming platforms, anime fanatics are still eagerly waiting for some popular animes that have left behind several unresolved cliffhangers, and anime lovers are eager to know when these popular series are returning with a new season.

Are Fans Have To Wait Anime Series Overlord Season 4 For A Long While?

Popular anime series Overlord had a good run with back to back three seasons, however, it’s been quite long while since there has been any further development or updates about a possible fourth season. However, Madhouse Animation Studios has assured fans about the possibility of a fourth season happening!


Not to forget that it is known fact that it can be time-consuming to make an anime season given the technical enormity of these manga-based series. However, fanatics are going to be relieved as scriptwriter Kugane Maruyama assured fans and said that a fourth season is most likely to be produced!

There Has Been No Further Development About The Fourth Season Of Anime Series Overlord.

The certainty of a fourth season is looking slow as it is almost two years since Overlord season 3 have come on the screen and we all  last witnessed the immense action in the anime. With Ainz going to become more and more powerful with each season, fans are excited to see what comes next for him in season 4. Moreover, anime fans have several theories around the Frost dragons.


While reports around a possible fourth season are still up in the air with a bit of  uncertainty, we can assume that there’s still time until an official announcement is made for the much-awaited season4 which can come around 2021 as well, if we are lucky enough!

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