Russell Crowe Sure Does Know How To Clap Back When One Of His Gets Called Out As Boring!


While movie buffs can never have enough of the iconic actor, Russell Crowe’s movies, it seems like one such person recently had a rather problematic take on one of Crowe’s films and the actor took this opportunity to clap back in social media!

Russell Crowe Reacts To A Tweet That Described Master And Commander As A Boring Movie!

It was musician Ian McNabb who made a rather controversial tweet describing the movie Master and Commander in an unconventional manner. The musician had a unique take on the movie and let’s just say the actor did not appreciate that.

Russel Crowe
Credit: Instagram

The musician went on to tweet that how some folks are complaining about lack of sleep, in this case, he recommended the movie and further described as a useful sleeping aid during quarantine and tagged the actor in the tweet! Well, the actor had to say something and retweeted the post by saying how kids these days lack focus! Here’s the original tweet and what Russell Crowe has to say when his movie gets called out as boring! The actor praised the movie and gave a special mention to the cinematographer as well who did an impressive job.

The Actor Surely disagrees With The Tweet And Clapped Back To It!

While completely disagreeing with what Ian said about the movie, Russell Crowe went on to say how Peter Weirs’ movie is nothing less than brilliant! The musician, however, did not change his views and rather pointed out that he is in fact older than the iconic actor.

Russel Crowe
Credit: Instagram

We have to agree with the actor as the movie is truly a masterpiece that went on to win not one but two Academy Awards! While it lost a few nominations to some other big movie, it sure is a memorable movie for sure!

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