Russo Brothers and Tom Holland again team up for “Cherry” after MCU’s Avengers End Game


The 24 year old Holland came in light when he portrayed Spider Man in Spider Man movie opposite to Zendaya. The soft hearted and kind hearted Peter Parker’s role was well played by Tom. After this movie, Tom Holland was unbeatable. He was then casted in Avengers Infinity war, Avengers End game, Captain America Civil war and Spider Man 2. Russo brothers have previously directed MCU movies.

Apparently, Russo brothers is again back with our Spider Man aka Tom Holland with film “Cherry”. The movie was recently promoted by many MCU actors. This movie is in trending before it’s release because the hard work Tom has done in the movie seems very clear.

Why is Tom Holland’s role in Cherry is praised even before the release of the movie?

As Joe Russo said, Tom lost 30 pounds just for the movie and then again gained it back. We all know that gaining and loosing weight is not that easy part. Joe Russo further added that we have a pre decided schedule for making a movie. Tom did not had this much time to lose and then again gain the weight, said Joe Russo.

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Tom portrays the lead character of the movie who is a former Army medic. He wrestles with drugs and PTSD. He funds his addiction by robbing banks.

When will the movie release?

After a long break and a hard lockdown due to the pandemic, theaters have finally opened for the public. So keeping this in mind, makers have fully planned to release “Cherry” in theaters. The movie will release on 26th of February. Moreover, it will be available for Apple TV Plus also from March 12. The same Russo brothers are co directors of “Cherry”. Well, let us see how well can Tom Holland provide justice to his character in “Cherry”.

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