Westworld Season 4: Will we get to see the final war between man and machines?


Mild spoilers regarding the show ahead

HBO’s Westworld is a tricky show to follow and it’s future is currently the same.

HBO programming chief Casey Bloys shared in 2019 that there are deals for a “potential fourth and fifth season” (as reported by The Wrap) and since Game of Thrones has been done with, it’s understandable that HBO will want to revisit one of their most popular shows.

But the show’s creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have recently moved to Amazon and began work on their first project there, called The Peripheral. 

Creating more seasons


While speaking to Variety, the couple revealed that they wanted to create at least one more season of Westworld, but beyond that seemed doubtful.

If another season does happen, don’t expect it to air anytime before 2022. A single season takes a minimum of 18 months to create, as it’s dependent on a lot of special effects.

What’s going to be the plot?


Both Joy and Nolan had a rough idea when they created the series, and now that the hosts have left the park, season 4 could mean the final chapter for our sentient robots. We already know that Westworld cast members are luckier than most, since even if the character dies, the actors can just return in a new host body. Therefore, we can expect casualties from season three to make a return.

If the show has indeed reached its climax, we can expect much larger twists in the 4th season. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan said that the idea of mortality is different for the hosts. As seen with Dolores, she’s laid out a larger set of goals which are existential and can take place over eons. He also believes in being guided by irony, and thinks that the Man in Black ends up becoming a host himself. He also said he can’t wait to see Ed kill everyone.

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