What’s Next For Elle And Noah In The Kissing Booth 3? P.S: The Wait Might Not Be A Long One!


After an interesting second movie of the popular movie franchise, Kissing Booth it seems like the mushy couple are going to be back this year and there’s a pool party involved!

Get Into The Season Of Romance With The Kissing Booth 3!

Kissing Booth

Netflix is making sure that this year is all about that extra dose of mush as two of our favourite couples are going to be back, while a lot happened between Elle and Noah in the second movie of the popular rom-com movie franchise, The Kissing Booth, wait till you see the third movie. Here’s a little sneak peek into all the upcoming fun and drama that Elle And Noah are going to get into!

While we cannot wait to see the lovestruck couple, it is going to be a bittersweet moment as it is going to be the last Kissing Booth movie! We are going to see what’s this fall has in store for the leading characters as Elle prepares for college, and let’s just say it is not going to be an easy decision.

Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth 2

Elle Is Going To Face A Tough Situation Ahead In Kissing Booth 3!

As fans last saw that Elle got both in Harvard and Berkeley, however, she needs to make a tough decision of where to go as Noah is in Harvard but her best friend Lee is going to Berkeley! What is going to Elle’s final decision?

Fans don’t have to wait long as leading star Joey King has already revealed that filming for the third movie is done and wrapped up! The actress further added that filming for both the movie was done back to back! With production already done away with, expect for an early release for the final instalment of The Kissing Booth.

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