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When will the Episode 7 of Season 4 of “The Attack on Titan” will Roll Out? Well, We’ve Interesting New Update for the Fans

On 22nd of September, 2020, makers announced that season 4 will be the finale season of “Attack of Titan”. So far, makers have released six episodes and fans are eagerly waiting for it’s seventh episode. Season 4 is produced by MAPPA and directed by Yuichiro Hayashi. For now, below read the latest updates of episode 7.

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When will the episode 7 of “The Attack on Titan” will premiere?

If you are a regular watcher of this amazing show, then for sure you may have surely come across the news of release of episode 7. The episode 7 will of “The Attack on Titan” will roll out on 24th o January, 2021. It will be available to watch on Crunchyroll. Users of Crunchyroll can access it at 12:45 pm [according to time zone in Pacific].  However, du to some changes it depends upon makers and thus they can change the timings according to their plans. Therefore, to track the exact timing of the show keep checking the official social handles of Crunchyroll.

However, if you are not a premium members, then the episode will not be available for you this week. Such users have to wait for the other episode to drop out. This episode will also release on Funimation and Hulu on same time probably.

How is season 4 planned to be schedule?

Actually, makers have not made it clear yet. Including fans, we are also confused that how makers will schedule it. It is still a confusion whether it’s 16 episodes will release in two parts just like season 3 or will it end in single season. For now, we are assuming that makers will release season 4 in two parts only just like they did with season 3.

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You can only access season 1 if you are a USA Netflix user. However, Netflix Japan has all the seasons.

Read the latest announcement by Valorant for episode 2, Act I.

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