The Undoing: After the Gigantic Finale ending, is there Room for More Stories to tell through Season 2?


Big spoilers ahead so watch out

The Undoing was a nail biting thrill ride from start to end, and kept us on the edge of our seats constantly. With the final episode, the killer was unmasked as well.

Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) was revealed to be a killer in more than one case and found out to be the one behind the murder of Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis).

His entire eerie past was laid bare for all to see and we got to see his narcissistic nature and past killings were all brought to light. Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) was finally able to free herself from his clutches.

The Undoing

Director Susanne Bier said that it was a tight story and six hours was perfect to make it “a natural arc.”

Continuing a limited series

Before the series aired, the makers have stated that it was originally intended to be a limited series and the six episodes it had provided a complete narrative. But HBO has gone back on their initial plans and extended some shows that were popular with the viewers.

According to deadline, The Undoing became Sky Atlantic’s highest-rated US drama and even beat the premiere of Game of Thrones (not even kidding here). With such good statistics, it won’t be surprising if the show makes a return. Even producer David E. Kelley has not completely ruled out the possibility of it.

Wishful thinking for now

The Undoing

Kelley said that they were satisfied with the ending, but in the past he had stated that Big Little Lies won’t get a second season, but that happened. For now, they’re not intending to make a sequel.

Bier told ET that she would love to tell more of the story in another season but right now, it’s just wishful thinking. The book from which the series was based does touch on Grace’s life afterwards so maybe one day.

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