An Imperfect Murder: Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea nor the Finest Creation yet It’s Worth a Try – A Review


Spoilers for the movie will be ahead

An Imperfect Murder, originally titled, The Private Life of a Modern Woman is a 2017 film written and directed by James Toback. The movie stars Sienna Miller in the lead, as an actress named Vera. Vera is dealing with a lot of stress in her private life following an encounter with an ex-boyfriend turns ugly and results in him getting killed by accident. The rest of the movie follows her dealing with the repercussions as she goes about her life, meeting family and others connected to her life.

The movie is only 70 minutes long, but manages to show what a person can do if they’re pushed to their limits.

The plot

An Imperfect Murder

Vera wakes up with a jolt from a nightmare where she killed her ex boyfriend by accident. Turns out, it was indeed true and her boyfriend Salvatore is now locked in a trunk at the bottom of a river. Vera is later visited by a friend who wants to discuss Dostoevsky and Dickens. Paying no attention to that, she writes down about her own feelings. Later she is visited by Franklin (James Toback) who starts a probing conversation after seeing her mental state.

The next visitor is Detective McCutheon (Alec Baldwin) who drops by to ask about Salvatore’s whereabouts. She somehow manages to hide her emotions and he leaves soon. She gets a visit from her mother and aging grandfather with Alzheimer’s. Her mental state is put to the test in all these conversations. The detective returns and while she was taken off guard, she finds out that he doesn’t have any solid evidence to pinpoint her to the murder and manages to avoid being rattled.

An Imperfect Murder


The movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and faced a lot of criticisms and low ratings. However, it’s still worth checking out.

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