Dexter: The dark Comedy and thriller show starring Michael Hall is all set to return after a long break of 7 years


Dexter is an American serial drama which is a mixture of crime, psychology, mystery and dark comedy. The show have total 8 seasons and 96 episodes in total. Dexter’s first season was released on 12th of October, 2006. The 8th season was released on 22nd September, 2013. Dexter was originally released on Showtime and is among the list of best shows. However, the makers never renewed it after its 8th season.

Michale Hall in Dexter
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The first four seasons of the show was loved by audience a lot. But the show’s viewership started decreasing from further shows. The show has also won numerous awards which includes two Golden Globes. Hall and John Lithgow grabbed those two awards for the series.

The latest news is that the show is renewed or its 9th season

In October, 2920 it was confirmed  that the series will be renewed for 9th season. Fans are excited as “Dexter” is coming back after a long break of 7 years. The season 9 of “Dexter” have 10 episodes which will be starring Michael Hall as a same character.

However, a representative from IGN said that the there is no truth to this rumor. Hall also gave hints about the renewal of the show. Speaking in his latest chats he said that the series may come back. He further added that the show have great chances to come back as the ending of the show has great arc for a new beginning. Hall also said that he just want someone to say that this is a goo idea.

It appears that Hall wants to do other projects before returning back to his Dexter’s role.

Where can we watch previous 8 seasons of  “Dexter”?

You can watch all the seasons of Dexter on Amazon Prime video. But you need to purchase a subscription as “Dexter” do not fall under free to watch lists.

Michael Hall in Dexter
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