Frozen 3: After the Conclusive End of the Second Movie, the Chances for seem Bleak


With the collection it’s made, Disney should definitely consider a third movie

Frozen 2 became Disney’s prized possession after it collected $1.45 billion at the box office, which is the highest amount ever collected by an animated movie.

But before the movie released, Jennifer Lee, director, writer and chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios said during an interview with Digital Spy that this could be the final story for Elsa and Anna. She explained that they were able to achieve what they set out to accomplish, but again, they felt the same when they did the first movie as well. But she emphasised that this one really feels like the end.

What does this mean for the movie’s future?

Frozen 2

From what Lee said, it doesn’t sound like a definitive no, so we can still keep our hopes up. Frozen 2 is currently available to watch on NOW TV and Disney+ and that can help raise the demands for a third movie. There’s also a documentary series about the making of Frozen 2 available on Disney+ where we can see how much time and effort it takes to make an animation. That explains the six year gap between Frozen and Frozen 2. If Frozen 3 does come, it won’t be before 2025.

During an interview with Collider, the movie’s director of story Marc Smith said that the prospect of a third movie hasn’t been discussed at Disney. He said that Forzen 2 is still fresh in everyonesinds and anything beyond that is still beyond that. Also, co-director Chris Buck stated that Frozen 2 wasn’t even discussed until a year after Frozen‘s release.

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From the way Frozen 2 ended, we can see the characters have gotten a good end. Elsa becomes the Fifth Spirit and stays in the forest while Anna becomes Queen of Arendelle.

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