Instead of Releasing Movies, this Movie Theatre has Re-opened as a COVID-19 Vaccine Site


The location is The Pointe 14 in Wilmington

Stone Theatres is a small cinema chain with venues in North and South Carolina, but since the pandemic broke out in March, it has been closed after operator Dale Coleman decided that it’s not safe to be open at this time, and also for a lack of new movies.

However, the theatre at one location- The Pointe 14 in Wilmington, N.C. is currently open and is filled with crowds. But they aren’t here for the movies, but instead for the COVID-19 vaccines.

The shots are being administered by the local New Hanover Regional Medical Center and are giving them to citizens who are eligible to make appointments. Those who are currently eligible in North Carolina are the frontline health workers, long-term care staff and residents, and adults from the ages of 65 and up. Carolyn Fisher, the director of marketing for the New Hanover Regional Medical Center said that they have been using clinic space and areas within the hospital, but thanks to the theatre, they’re able to accommodate more people in a shorter time period.

A perfect situation

North Carolina heath officials plan to administer 30,000 at The Pointe 14 theater alone due to the expansive area
Credits: Dale Coleman

After the new facility opened, they were able to administer about 1300 vaccines a day, said Fisher. The first day that the site opened was on Wednesday and administered 600 doses before running out. The number was raised to 1500 on Thursday. The North Carolina health officials are planning to administer 30,000 next time since the area is so expansive.

A good example for other chains

The booths
Credits: Dale Coleman

Coleman is now spreading the news so that other film exhibitors follow his lead. He has already contacted the other two branches of Stone Theatres in South Carolina and granted the local health officials to use them as vaccination sites.

This is a win-win situation for empty entertainment venues. The faster the locals get immunisations, the sooner they can be ready for business.

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