Space Dandy season 3: Is Bones Studio Seriously Considering Season 3 for the Beloved So?


Can we see Dandy, Meow and QT and their silly space adventures again?

Season 3 of Space Dandy was initially teased by Masahiko Minami, president of Studio Bones, during the “Machi Asobi 2017” anime event that was held in Tokushima, Japan. The man talked about it, sure, but no official announcements were made afterwards and at this point, many are believing that the president was either trolling the fans or they might’ve dropped the idea.

Space Dandy was created by Shinichiro Watanabe, creator of Samurai Champloo and the iconic Cowboy BebopSpace Dandy follows a similar genre and is a sci-fi comedy series and will be enjoyed by those who are into retro animes. It was licensed by Funimation in North America, Anime Limited in the United Kingdom, and Madman Kingdom in Australia.

Both seasons 1 and 2 aired in 2014 and towards the end of season two, it was written, “may be continued.” However, after more than five years, there’s still no announcement so we can’t know if it’s still in Bones’s agenda anymore.

The story and characters

Space Dandy
Bones Studio

Space Dandy follows an alien hunter named Dandy whose job is to hunt down unclassified alien life forms and register it at the Space Alien Registration Centre. Dandy has a lazy and delinquent personality (and hairstyle) but is a very fun guy to be around. While his job is not so hard, he does keep encountering weird creatures like zombies, mystical ramen chefs, and even some adorable orphans. He travels on his spaceship Aloha Oe accompanied by his sidekicks Meow, a cat-like alien, and QT, a robot acuum. Together, they explore the unknown space where they find adventure, romance and a whole lot of danger.

Space Dandy
Credit: Bones Studio

We will be updating this article once news of season 3 is announced.

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