Chuck Norris Affirms that it wasn’t Him at the U.S Capitol Riots and the Actor isn’t Pro-Trump


Spokesperson claims that the person was just a wannabe look-alike and that the real Chuck is more handsome

Following a viral photo that apparently showed legendary Hollywood action star Chuck Norris at last week’s rally of supporters of President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., all hell broke loose. However, his team has issued a statement on Tuesday saying that it wasn’t the actor.

Erik Kritzer, a spokesperson for the Way of the Dragon actor reassured his millions of fans that his client was actually thousands of miles away from the U.S. Capitol last week. While talking to NBC News, Kritzer called the person in the photograph a Chuck Norris wannabe look-alike and that the real Chuck is more handsome. He ended by saying that Chuck is at his range in Texas with his family.

The photograph

Chuck Norris's doppleganger

The photo was posted in Twitter and showed a couple of Trump supporters in a selfie with Norris during Wednesday’s rally for opposing the results of the November presidential election where Democrat Joe Biden won. You don’t need to be a Trump supporter to be fooled by that image as the person looks very much alike Norris, complete with the hairstyle and beard.

This was the incident where following the rally, a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol Building to stop the lawmakers from formally accepting Joe Biden’s presidential victory. A total of five deaths had been recorded during the incident. The rioters ranged between the age groups of youngsters in their twenties to very old ladies who damaged the property, clicked pictures of themselves in offices, and walked away with valuable items. The FBI warned on Monday that more violent riots are being planned.

Chuck Norris

Norris, 80, is known widely for CBS’s nine-season show Walker, Texas Ranger as well as numerous action movies, his last one being 2012’s The Expendables 2. 

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