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“I am just so tired,” Says Nikki Bella Describing her Struggle with Postpartum Depression on Total Bellas

Motherhood has been very hard for the Total Bellas’ Diva

Total Bellas is an American Reality show that features the lives of former WWE wrestle, Nikki and Brie Bella. The show that is running in its season 6 recently had Nikki Bella explaining her ordeal of dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of his son with fiancée Artem Chigvintsev.

Nikki Bella | Artem | Total Bellas
Credit: Instagram

Her Ordeal

She hit her breaking point while raising their son all alone as Artem was out filming Dancing with the stars on her insistence and encouragement. The 38-year-old former wrestler said that she has been sleeping poorly since the birth of her son Matteo Chigvintsev in July 2020. Nikki confided in twin that she just feels confused all the time because she is a new Mom and thought she could handle it all alone, but she was “going through so much” and it was hard for her to see Artem so happy away.

Nikki Bella | Artem | Total Bellas

Unwilling to ask anyone for help as she didn’t trust anyone with her new born, she told her sister, Brie Bella, 37-year-old former wrestler, that it’s been so “f***ing hard,” she continued that she is trying to keep it together but she is about to lose it. Tearing up, she said that she is about to have a “massive breakdown.” Her condition even alarmed her doctor as the Total Bellas star revealed that doctor told to medicate her seeing her state to which Nikki declined saying she doesn’t want to get medicated.

Love is there but so is the conflict

As Brie prodded her sister to vent her heart out, Nikki revealed that a part of her wants to discipline Artem but she couldn’t give him hard time as she was the one who encouraged him to take the job. She revealed that Artem’s chemistry with dance partner Kaitlyn bothered her, but she clarified that she doesn’t fear of Artem going away, but she wants him to come home and laugh with her, make her feel sexy and wanted.

Nikki Bella | Artem | Total Bellas
Credit: Instagram

Concerned Brie and Bryan reassured Nikki that there is nothing wrong with her feelings so she shouldn’t feel bad about them, “motherhood is very hard.”

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