Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon is Officially on Instagram and She’s already Savage to “Thirst Trap” Camp


The pop icon’s eldest child is not standing around for hate comments

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has officially joined Instagram, but make sure you don’t diss her mama in front of her.

Lourdes, 24, is a brand spokesperson for Juicy Couture’s new collaboration with underwear brand Parade and did some modelling for the brand as well. One of those pictures was her first Instagram post which she uploaded on Friday, Jan. 22.

The comments and comebacks

Lourdes' clapbacks

Then came a bunch of comments including one that read, “Not u thirst trapping….what would ur mom think!/s,” to which she responded, “Does your mom know u don’t wash ur ass?”

A second user commented that her mother made a masterpiece called Hard Candy, referring to Madonna’s 2008 album, to which Leon responded with a pretty savage insult towards his mother.

The first user also commented on her second Instagram post, which was a new video ad for designer Stella McCartney’s Adidas collection. The person wrote, “UR MOM IS AN ICON SIS,” to which Leon replied by saying that he should go follow her mom, and gave her ID just in case.

Lourdes' clapbacks

She got another one where the user asked, “Hi what’s up with your mom’s new record deal? Does she have any plans for the next album? Tell us everything please,” and Leon replied, “What’s up with your ugly ass hair cut?” The person took it in good spirits and said she didn’t have to go that hard on him. The comments on both posts were turned off afterwards.

Modelling history

Leon debuted as a professional model in 2016 at the age of 19. At that time, she was a performing arts student at the University of Michigan. She appeared in an ad campaign for McCartney’s Pop fragrance.

Lourdes Leon | Madonna

She made her runway modelling debut in 2018 at the New York Fashion Week.

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