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“Not the sexiest man in the world,” Steve Harvey Quips about Michael B Jordon

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Not a fan of daughter’s boyfriend yet

Like any doting father, Steve Harvey, too isn’t very fond of his darling daughter Lori Harvey’s actor boyfriend, Michael B Jordon. Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan’s romance continue to make the buzz around the tinsel town. The couple who has been dating only a few months recently went official on January 10, but are evidently smitten by each other.

The duo has raised the temperatures at the beaches of St. Barts and mountains of Salt Lake City, and recently displayed their passionate affection for each other on social media when Lori posted a picture of the couple in her story where Michael was holding Lori from behind keeping a hand on her chest.

Credit: Instagram

Asked about dad, Steve Harvey, how does he feel about his daughter’s boyfriend and their romance that’s completely in public eye now. In Friday’s episode of his radio talk show, IHeartRadio’s The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the 64-year-old TV personality called the 33-year-old Black Panther star, a “nice guy,” but confessed that he still plans to keep an “eye on him.”


He admitted, that he likes him, but like he says to all of them that he might like him. He might even approve of him, but he has got a thumb-sized section of his heart filled with nothing but pure hatred for her daughter’s boyfriend, in case, he would need it. “But I got this little section where all I gotta do is a click a switch and I’d hate your ass,” the 64-year-old star father quipped.

He further teased that Michael is not the sexiest man in the world to him. “Let’s be clear about that,” referencing Michael’s People magazine title.

Credit: Instagram

The Black Panther star’s romance rumours with Lori Harvey were first surfaced in November 2020 when the two were spotted celebrating Thanksgiving in her hometown. The cute couple has fondly nicknamed each other as well. For Lori, Michael is her ‘nugget’ while he fondly calls her ‘turtle.’

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