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To All The Boys: Always and Forever: With the Final Chapter of Lara Jean’s Story only a Few Days Away, Netflix has Stored Surprises for Fans

The movie will be releasing on Netflix on February 12

The To All The Boys movies were surprisingly refreshing teen movies, and it brought a nice change of pace from the overdramatic and oversexualized ones we have got from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s. But all good things must come to an end, and with To All The Boys 3: Always and Forever, we have to bid adieu to Lara Jean, Peter Kavinsky and their high school gang.

Here are all the information we have about the final movie.

Story, trailer and more

To All Boys 3

We expected the movie to come out in September 2020 since the story starts with Lara Jean beginning her senior year, and September would tie in with the back-to-school season, but the movie is once again releasing during the Valentine’s Day period, on February 12.

Has the trailer for the movie released? Yes it has! You can check it out below:

What’s the plot?

From the official synopsis and trailer, we can see that Lara Jean Covey is preparing for the end of high school and will be taking the big steps towards adulthood, and a couple of life-changing trips gets her thinking about what her life with family, friends and Peter will be like after graduation.

After returning from her family trip to Korea, Lara Jean starts thinking about her college plans – with and without Peter. In the trailer, we see that Peter gets accepted to Stanford, and Lara Jean is awaiting her results. But when they take a class trip to New York City, she imagines herself living there and going to university, even though the name of the university wasn’t mentioned.

Lana Condor | Noah Centineo | Too All the Boys: Always and Forever

Towards the end, we find that she didn’t get accepted to Stanford and will have to really consider what she will do without Peter around.

Ever cast member from the second film, except Jordan Fisher, will be returning for the final film as well.

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