Godzilla vs Kong Official Trailer takes us into the Explosive Showdown between the Two Titan


The much-anticipated movie will be releasing on theatres and HBO Max on March 26

What is a king against a god? We got a proper look at that in the official Godzilla vs. Kong movie trailer that dropped on Sunday.

Fans have already started picking sides on who is going to win in this battle between kaiju (monsters) and will get to see it on March 26. The movie will be releasing simultaneously on theatres and HBO Max. The movie is by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

Trailer Breakdown

Godzilla Vs. Kong
Warner Bros

The trailer gives numerous clues on what’s going to happen in the movie. We see that Kong has some new protectors, who are currently helping him find his real home. Kong makes friends with an orphan girl named Jia and she is the only one who can communicate with him. In Kong: Skull Island (2017), the timeline is 1973 and Kong, who is already massive, is said to be a teenager at best. It’s also explained that the longer he is on Earth, the stronger he becomes. Right now, he is about thrice the height and much, much stronger.

But he’s still not a match for the radioactive lizard, who can not only regenerate at a massive rate, but can shoot radioactive energy from its mouth. Also, Godzilla is troubled in the movie. Something is provoking it into destroying everything in its path.

Is Mechagodzilla in the picture?

Godzilla vs. Kong
Warner Bros

Towards the start, we see a creature very much like Godzilla for a split second. We also see a Japanese man with an LCD screen behind him with a Godzilla blueprint on it. It’s very likely that there is an organisation that is working in eradicating all creatures, good and bad from the face of the earth.

This could only mean that Mechagodzilla has entered the fight and will cause major disruption to the two titans and the humans.

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